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Blue Laby Run

Study Association Labyrint is participating in the Mind Blue Monday Run! As future psychologists, we like to dedicate ourselves to a psychologically healthy society for everyone. With the importance of exercise on mental health and the chance to contribute to the MIND foundation, Labyrint is organizing a Blue Monday Run 2023 in Leiden and asking for donations to the MIND foundation.

The MIND foundation is committed to preventing mental health problems and supporting people dealing with them. At MIND you will find information, inspiration and support. MIND gets people with and without depressive symptoms moving by informing, inspiring, motivating and supporting them.

Labyrint is happy to commit to these causes, which is why we will be running to raise as many donations as possible for MIND. This way we want to help prevent mental health problems and support the people who suffer from them. You can support our action for MIND by sharing or donating, or running with us. Will we see you on February 24?

You are welcome at 14.30. We will start 15:00 sharp!

You can register using the link below:

Labyrint (

We are working to get the english website. If you would like to sign up now, please let a board member know so they can help you. You can send an email to