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When you register, you are entitled to buy text books with a 10% member discount. You also receive a discount on all of our activities, such as conferences or study trips. If you want to organize activities yourself, you can join one of our committees.

Important: this form is applicable to you if you are completing your Psychology Degree at Leiden University. This can be a full- or part-time Bachelor’s/Master’s program, the International Bachelor in Psychology or a premaster. If you are an exchange student, doing a minor or following elective courses you will need the Guest Application Form. You will also need the  guest form if you do not (yet) have an European bank account. You can get this form at the Common Room of Labyrint (room SA55, Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences).

The membership fee is € 17,50 per year*.
Canceling your membership must be done before the 1st of August (before the next academic year). You can fill out the Deregistration Form to cancel your membership.
*You are required to pay the membership fee that is specified in the House Rules.

If you choose to become a member, you automatically agree with the House Rules and the Articles of Study Association of Psychology Labyrint. See below for both documents. 

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By signing this form, you authorize ‘Studievereniging der Psychologie Labyrint’ (Study Association of Psychology Labyrint) to debit your bank account in the amount of €17,50* per academic year in payment of the membership fee until you end your membership in accordance with our policy. You also agree that your name and picture will be placed in the yearbook.

If you think ‘Studievereniging der Psychologie Labyrint’ (Study Association of Psychology Labyrint) unrightfully debited your bank account you are entitled to refund from your bank under the terms and conditions of your bank.

Common BIC Codes

Huishoudelijk reglement and statuten (articles)

If you wish to become a member, you agree to the HR and the Articles of the Study association of Psychology Labyrint.

Huishoudelijk Reglement (House rules): Click here

Statuten (articles) der Studievereniging der Psychologie labyrint: Click here

Administration costs

For processing your registration and permission for the automatic debit, a €0,45 handling fee is required. If you accept the terms, you will now be redirected to the iDEAL page.