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Treasury Committee

Dear members, 

Every year, the board of Labyrint comes with exciting new ideas. Some of which, might not be possible money-wise. The Treasury Committee keeps an eye on the expenses and will intervene, if it is necessary. A one-way ticket to the Bahama's for the board will not go unseen!

To make sure that all activities go as planned, the financial provisions need to be monitored regularly. The Treasury Committee commits itself to multiple inspections and, in moments of doubt, won't hesitate to speak up. The Treasury Committee will of course also be available for advice, whenever the board requests it. 

The members to fulfill this function this year are: 

 Gideon Hanse  Chairman
 Jara Kunst  Vice-chairman
 Lior Kroeze  Secretary
 Anouschka van Dijk  Secretary
 Charlotte Picavet  Social Member
 Diewertje Munten  General Member
 Stijn Seghers  General Member
 Erik van Duijn  General Member




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