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Introduction Committee

The introduction committee organises two activities: the parents-day and the first years weekend. The first years weekend in September is meant to have the first-year students bond with one another as well as with Labyrint. With the organisation of a first years weekend there is also a separate theme announcement and a reunion. At the parents-day parents get the opportunity to visit the faculty as well as get to experience psychology workgroups and lectures. This committee will be working through the study year as well as the summer. This committee is open to Dutch-speaking students only.

Chairman Marloes Zaal
Secretary Sophie 't Hart
Treasurer Eva Rümke
Promotor Christian Vrolijk
Promotor Rayshree Singh
Social Member Anisa Opdam
Social Member Justin Valkenburg
General Member Anouk de Jonge
Commissioner Björn Muijtstege


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