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International Orientation Committee

The IOC is a new committee this year. They will be organising a sports activity, a lecture, a workshop, and a pub crawl. These activities will be internationally oriented, which means the activities will somehow be international in their nature or specifically suited for international students. Examples would be a sports activity which is all about a different culture or a lecture about becoming a psychologist outside the Netherlands.The goal of this committee is therefore also to meet the needs and wishes of the international students. This committee is open for international as well as Dutch students.

Fréderique Verbeek  Chairman
Lynn Mans  Secretary
Valentin Bucher  Treasurer
Bob Blommers  Promotor
Joline d'Arnaud  Promotor
Sofie Paludanus  Social Member
Maria Rados  Social Member
Klara Wieczorke  General Member
Robin Bekker  Commissioner



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