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DeSofa Committee

deSofa committee make the Labyrint magazine: deSofa. The committee is responsible for the design, content creation and distribution of the magazine. Three editions of deSofa will be released during the college year and digitally sent to all Labyrint members. This committee is open for international as well as Dutch students.

Head Editor Leanne van Duijn 
End Editor  Magali de Rooy 
Head Lay Out Erik van Duijn 
Editor + Social Member Paul Schuurman
Editor + Social Member Charlotte Harland
Editor Hedda Werres
Editor Bastiaan Vuyk 
Lay Out + Secretary  Tali Kleerekoper 
Lay Out + Promotor  Lieke van Vught 
Lay Out  Bob Blommers 
Lay Out  Nathan Ditvoorst 
Commissioner  Renee Ouwerkerk 


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