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DeSofa Committee

The deSofacie is in charge of making the magazine of Labyrint: deSofa. The committee is responsible for the writing of the articles, the formatting of the magazine and the shipment to the members. All active members of Labyrint receive this magazine three times a year, and all other members receive a digital edition. Members who want a hardcopy can obtain one in the Labyrint common room. 

Alex Fasol Chief editor
Laura Overheul Final editor
Leanne van Duijn Head lay-out
Anouk Hoogeveen Secretary/lay-out
Lieke van Vught Layout
Dennis van der Meeren Layout
Bas Nieuwelink Layout
Amber de Kok Editor
Joris Timmerman Editor
Lisette Kip Editor
Odile de Jong Editor
Tessa Groenendijk Editor
Paul Schuurman Commissioner



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