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Alumni Committee

Alumni are members of Labyrint that graduated but still want to be a part of the association. The alumni committee is a committee that organizes activities for those alumni, namely a lecture, a workshop, a corporate dinner and a symposium. Of course, students are also welcome to join those activities. The activities give an inside in the many possibilities for psychology students after graduation. Besides, the alumni committee sends a newsletter especially for the alumni of Labyrint, to keep them updated about relevant activities and developments of the association.

Femke Eikelboom Chairwoman
Soesja Toehpah Vice-chairwoman
Ileen Huisman Secretary
Anouk de Jonge Treasurer
Floor Hoekstra Promotor
Vera Verdoes Promotor
Sahar Ansari Social member
Anouk van den Ham Social member
Fleur van Elk Commissioner



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