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Advisory Board

The advisory body of Study association Labyrint has the following goals: 
· Serve the board of the association with advice; solicited or unsolicited. 
· Improve the continuity of the association by supporting the board of the association in making and executing multiannual plans. 
The advisory body operates besides the board, not a step above or a step below. 

The advisory body convenes every 3 weeks and in those meetings discusses and advises on problems brought up by the board, the advisory body and the association. 

If you have questions or suggestions you can reach us by e-mail ( or address us in the common room of Labyrint (SA55)! 

Chairman Robin Bekker 
Vice Chairman Malaicha Aniceta
Secretary Koen van Lunteren
Social Member Anne van Wingerde 
Social Member  Sherilynn van der Schoor 
General Member Senne Braun 
General Member Tim van Os 
General Member Djana Nesselaar 
General Member Jolien Schurg
General Member Niels Flick 
General Member Thijs Wittenberg
General Member Cerianne van Middelkoop