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In the year 2021-2022 the 75th board of Labyrint is constituted as followed:



Dear members, 

My name is Sophie and I am the Chairman of Labyrint this year. I am in the third year of my studies and I have been active at Labyrint since the very beginning. As a Chairman, I lead board meetings and attend meetings with external parties. I also keep an eye on whether my fellow board members are feeling good and I assist them where necessary if they need help with their tasks. This year I supervise the Introduction Committee and the Yearbook Committee. In my spare time I love to play hockey and I can occasionally be found in a rowing boat from Njord. I spend a lot of time in our common room at the University and I love to chat with whoever passes by, so I hope to see you there!

Chairman: Sophie 't Hart


Dear members,

My name is Naoual, I am 20 years old and I am currently in the third year of my bachelor. I am originally from the province Brabant, but have been living in Leiden for over two years now. This academic year I will fulfill the position of Secretary in the 75th board of Labyrint! This means, among other things, that I am responsible for the membership administration, correspondence and taking minutes of board meetings and G.A.’s. I will also guide the deSofa committee and the Party committee. I like to have a nice conversation, so do not hesitate to come up to me during an activity or in the Common Room. I am looking forward to this year!

Secretary: Naoual van den Heuvel



Dear members,

My name is Lotte, I am 21 years old and in the first year of my master Cognitive Neuroscience. This year I get to fulfill the role of Treasurer of Labyrint. This means that I am responsible for the finances of the association. I do the bookkeeping, make payments, collect the contribution, and I manage the budget of the association. Fortunately, I am assisted by the Treasury Committee, and Daniël, Treasurer II, can also assist if necessary. I am also the commissioner of the All Years Weekend Committee this year. I am really enjoying being on the board and Labyrint in general. I am looking forward to all the activities that we will be organising this lustrum year, and I hope to welcome many of you to these activities! I always enjoy meeting new people, so come and have a chat in the common room or at an activity sometime!

Treasurer: Lotte Vinkenoog

Commissioner Career &  Commissioner Education


Dear members,

My name is Anisa Opdam. As the Commissioner Career & Education I am responsible for career related subjects, for example organizing psychology related courses. Furthermore, I am also responsible for education related subjects. I will attend the Bachelor Program Committee, the Master Program Committee and the Student Sounding Board Group. Moreover, I will coordinate the book sales and the summary sales. In addition to this, I will supervise the two nicest committees: The Congresscommittee and The Sport- and Educationcommittee. Don’t hesitate to contact me for all your (career- and education) questions!

Commissioner Career: Anisa Opdam
Contact: /

Commissioner External Relations & Treasurer II


Dear member,

My name is Daniel Arendsen, en I'm currently a third years Psychology student.
I will be the Commissioner of External Relations & Treasurer II of Board 75.
This means I will keep contact with all of the companies and parties with which Labyrint works together, and I also do a part of the financial tasks together with the Treasurer. Furthermore, I will guide two unique committees: the Lustrum committee and the Interrail committee. Without a doubt these two will organize many succesful activities!
Hopefully I run into you during on of our drinks, lectures, trips, or any other activity.

Commissioner External Relations & Treasurer II: Daniël Arendsen

Commissioner Internal Relations

Dear members

My name is Jeroen, I am 22 years old and in my fourth year of my studies. This year I will be the Commissioner Of Internal Relations of Labyrinth. This means that I am responsible for the promotion of the association, the website and the social media. I produce posters and banners, post messages on Facebook and Instagram and adjust the website so that all members are aware of the developments of the association. This year I also supervise the Network committee and the Lustrumtrip committee. I’m having a blast at Labyrinth and see my board year as the big red cherry on my Labyrinth cake that I have been baking for the past 3 active years. I am looking forward to everything we will experience this beautiful lustrum year!

Commissioner Internal Relations: Jeroen Borst